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Nov 30, 2009 5:30am EST
manufacturing jobs in the united states. before you head to break, work or school. >> temperatures not a bad start for us, but changes on the way. some wet weather too. we'll talk about when the wet weather gets here. >> reporter: good morning from the mta. for your commute start, you'll find a 5 minute delay on the metro subway. marc train operating on time. on the buses, look for heavy volume on 7, 23 and 19 bus lines and number 36 bus using alameda and 736 street due to construction. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. >>> the nutcracker is coming to the hippodrome december 24-26. call that number on your screen if you'd like tickets. we'll be right back. so, did you get your son anything yet? yeah, i got him that transformers revenge raptor thing. yes, the ramjet raptor, introduced to the transformer family in may of '09. i prefer the skywarp figure with six guided missiles and also comes with a limited-edition collectors card. [ female announcer ] it's the most wonderful time of the year, and walmart's here to help. it's cyberweek at, txoÑe of the lowest prices of the
Nov 9, 2009 6:30am EST
in the united states this year. it's already interacting with another storm and producing heavy rain in new orleans but it's probably going to pass somewhere near pensacola in florida, tampa gets heavy rain, there will be a four to six-foot storm surge and along the path of the storm between four and eight inches of rainfall, we'll see if it impacts us because some models trying to throw moisture our way by wednesday. patchy fog this morning, otherize a lot of sunshine into early afternoon. look for increasing clouds, a 2-degree guaranteed high of 71. >>> let's check the roads with kim brown. >> traffic is starting to slowdown on the outer loop about here at liberty road, due to some volume delays as you make your way towards the route 70 interchange and the baltimore national pike. things also starting to pick up, traffic volume, that is, on the top side between harford road and providence road, southbound 95 we have heavy volume with slowing between whitemarsh boulevard and the beltway but the fort mchenry tunnel is checking in smoothly. we have a crash working southbound on the harbor tu
Nov 16, 2009 5:30am EST
and the free flee of information on the internet showed be encolonelled. that can be solved unless the s united states and china cooperate. >> time to look at entertainment news right now, may have been the curse of friday the 13th during a show in detroit, bruce springstein yelled out hello, ohio from auburn hills. again that's in michigan. he refer today the neighboring state, the following 30 minutes until the band guitarrest whispered in his ears you're in michigan. he grinned and said a mistake like that is every front man's worst nightmare. >> you do travel lot but the fan was forgiving. he played into the wee hours that night. >>> the rs has filed a huge tax lien against her and it is all bernie madoffs fault. after slapping a los angeles cop back in 1989 apparently owed the irs $118,000. a rep says the 93-year-old actress lost about $7 million in madoff's scheme. >> that video is 20 years ago. >>> glow sarah palin , and she speaks out about life in the scam pain trail and her disastrous up to and through the interview, about the abc 2 has a preview of palin's interview with barbara wal
Nov 25, 2009 6:30am EST
will be the only marching band from the united states performing in the parade. university band's first trip to new york. you can imagine how excited parents are who showed up kissing their kids off. >> we'll be watching. >>> college basketball now. how about this? how about the bears from morgan? they've never beaten an scc team. morgan upset arkansas in arkansas. that's the razorbacks first home loss. by the way, maryland lost to cincinnati last night. >>> some say football players are too tough. >> then you see the softer side of players like ray rice. he and anthony brown threw thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate in downtown baltimore city. >> gives me a good feeling. every day i'm sure of the lifestyle i'm in. it gives you time to reflect, see how blessed you are. take advantage of the opportunities that you're given. this is an opportunity to give back. these guys, i'm sure, appreciate it. >> ravens linebacker ray lewis gave away turkeys to 400 families yesterday. >>> 6:55. put this on full screen. i want to tell you a story through the holiday weekend. special good morning to george ja
Nov 6, 2009 5:30am EST
. military documents show he was deployed in virginia and never deployed outside of the united states. is he a u.s. citizen. a former neighbor says he lived with another man who appeared to be his brother but they never saw any warning signs. >> i'm really shocked. all these years. i think they have been living here years and nothing has ever happened like this before. so i'm shocked he would do something like this. >> reporter: major hasan's family says he hired a lawyer to get out of being deployed to iraq. he was harassed by other soldiers because of his ethnicity. if he is charged, he could be prosecuted in military court and if convicted, he would face the death penalty. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >>> people are turning out to help soldiers wounded yet. long lines in temple, of texas, to donate blood. the american red cross says in times like these americans do what they do best, they give. >>> the harford county health department is having a community h1n1 flu vaccination clinic for kids six months to 18 years old. for pregnant women that's happening today. it starts at 10:00 this m
Nov 23, 2009 6:30am EST
were talking to some of the cast members, they said say it's the first time in the united states they used a set like that. they are bringing the same set to baltimore. it will be on stage for two weeks there. it's really exciting. i like theater but this was incredible. >> what i liked is that everybody you talked to had something positive to say about our city. that made me feel real good. >> reporter: could you believe that? it was funny, you always hear there's a baltimore connection, but from the orioles to the crowds to the seafood. i mean, everybody had something really positive to say about baltimore which is great because they are going to be there for two weeks but it was really sweet to hear so much baltimore love. then those who hadn't been there heard good things about it. one of the shows' writers, his wife is from baltimore. she was very proud to be from there. johns hopkins certainly got a lot of shout outs not only from joan rivers but harry belafonte, it was nice to see that. you like to see your hometown hometown embraced. >> who was the nicest one on the red c
Nov 24, 2009 6:30am EST
in the united states history. sherrie johnson is following this story and has the details. >> reporter: the consumer product safety commission has issued a recall of more than two million stork craft dropside cribs. some of them have the fisher price logo and the problem with this crib is the dropside feature. one side lowers to allow easier access to the baby. its plastic hardware can break, deform or parts can end up missing. the dropside can also be installed upside down, all these problems can cause it to detach in one or more corners. dropsides have been linked to four deaths and many injuries. >> there was never any warnings about these cribs. and, after research we found that a lot of these cribs had caused injuries and deaths. >> this is a very dangerous product that we have in almost every one of our homes. don't risk your most precious treasure, your child and get rid of the dropside crib. >> reporter: this latest recall involves dropside cribs manufactured between january 1993 and october 2009. you can find more details on our web site at and when the web site c
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7